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They even use Jesus in tandem with the Christmas cards they sent. And Jesus certainly is a messenger of peace, but that didn’t stop him from telling His disciples often that he was the Good Shepard, a clear message to his followers that he would look out for their bests interests including protecting them. Buy Funny Christmas Card - Bah Humbug Anti Christmas Card - Funny Holiday Card - Gingerbread Christmas Cards: Notecards& Greeting Cards.

3 Kinds of Fun! Avanti greeting cards are unique and memorable. They are upbeat and offbeat. Often funny and always fun, they give you a humorous way to keep connected with the ones you love through the universal language of laughter.

We make funny atheist holiday& greeting cards, especially for Christmas. Many of our cards poke fun at religion. Atheist cards are FREE to share& print. Handlettered Anti Christmas Cards made by Franz Jeitz from Luxembourg, currently working in London. His Blog Fudgegraphics is showing some interesting stuff like bundles, photoshop brushes, textures and vectors.

Devilish greeting cards featuring the Krampus, packaged in a deluxe metal tin. In the early Christmas traditions of Europe, the Krampus was St. Nikolaus' dark servant-a hairy, horned, supernatural beast whose pointed ears and long, slithering tongue gave misbehavers the creeps! Send unique Christmas cards& browse 1000's of designs, from funny to festive.

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Looking Anti-christmas cards a rude Christmas card? Check out our Anti-christmas cards personalised christmas cards and find the perfect card today! We have a great selection of rude cards, that can be a little too naughty for some eyes. (RNS) Shop around for a good holiday card this year and you might notice a trend — more sentiments expressing less cheer and fa-la-la and more fear and loathing.

“Happy Seasonal Depression. Boycott Starbucks over their 'anti Christmas' festive cups, says Donald Trump Donald Trump has joined an Arizona pastor and a growing number of conservative Christians in calling for a boycott of. To show some humor at Christmas, if you weren't in the Christmas spirit of decorating, baking, cards, etc.give this custom card to friends and family. The cover features my space bugs surrounded by decorations and a starry sky.

120 Reasons Against Christmas. the gospel according to Christmas tradition, cards, and plays corrupts the Bible facts. . the Pilgrims in 1620, seeking to. Shop Funny Anti Christmas Greeting Cards from CafePress. Find great designs on our high quality greeting cards.

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Christmas brings a mixture of emotions to the masses. Dealing with family you haven't seen all year. Remembering why you haven't seen them all year.

Ten Awesome Anti-Christmas Songs to Help. 10 Anti-Christmas Christmas Cards if you’re. 2015’s crop of ‘anti-Christmas’ cards:. except with the prior written permission of Religion News Service. The book The Vindication of Christmas (London, 1652) argued against the Puritans, and makes note of Old English Christmas traditions, dinner, roast apples on the fire, card playing, dances with" plow-boys" and" maidservants"old Father Christmas and carol singing.

This Pin was discovered by dave jasnocha. Discover (and save! ) your own Pins on Pinterest. I celebrate Christmas (they don't call me Samta* for nothin'), and am thinking of this as my Christmas gift to the world. I'm shipping everything on December 5th, which means your card(s) should get to you on the 7th or 8th, unless unforeseen circumstances prevent that.

Europe was Creepy Anti Holiday Christmas single card. tinaseamonster. Zombies are More Scary Than Santas Lap Anti Holiday Christmas Cards 10 Pack.