is a 501(c)3 community based organization with a focus on bringing awareness and solutions to issues impacting black girls to create a world where #EveryBlackGirl can thrive.

We center Black women and girls as active agents of change that are able to cope and thrive beyond their adversities.  We highlight the role women and girls are playing in this movement through their stories and how those stories are positively influencing the lives of Black women and girls across the U.S.

The disproportionate suspension and expulsion rates for Black girls reflect an overlooked crisis that affects not only their life changes, but also the well-being of their families, their communities, and society as a whole. Black girls are suspended more frequently than girls of any other race, and more frequently than white, Hispanic, or Asian boys, according to the 2014 report from the Office of Civil Rights.

A report looking at discipline policy in two big urban school districts — New York and Boston — found similar trends. In New York, 90 percent of all girls expelled in one year were black. In Boston, 63 percent were. No white girls were expelled during that school year in either city.

55% of all Black suspensions from U.S. public schools occurred in 13 Southern states.

In 84 school districts across the South, 100% of students suspended were black.

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Vivian Anderson

Executive Director